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I hope you enjoy your visit with us. I have put together a few pages to give the wooden boat community a peek into my my world here at Hickman Wooden Boat Works. If I can help you with your restoration, or build that dream boat for you, please feel free to contact us.

I have been working to expand our shop and buisness in the last few years. We have erected a new building adjacent to the main shop. We now have dry storage. .

I have been involved in some very extensive restoratons for Alan Jackson in the past 15 years and I have done nothing but work my tail off in the shop. I'm taking the time now to share with you my interests and passion for wooden boats through this website. All our future restorations will have a page on this website dedicated to that project. You will be able to follow along as tour wooden boat restorations take shape.

Travis Hickman

Hickman Wooden Boat Works , Woodbury, Tennessee,Phone: 615-563-5339




November 8, 2011


Cover your trailer tires.
With the price of a new set of tires
these days, it just makes sense to
cover your tires so the UV rays
from the sun won't ruin them. It
doesn't take long and it will
save money .


If you can, try and keep some
air moving through the hull, lift
up the seats, open the hatches.
Let the old girl get a little
fresh air.


Bill Fisk, "The Irishman"
and myself in "Xanadu " made
F Pierce William"s calendar.
You can check out Pierces' calendar
page here. Along with tons
of Pierces' beautiful photography